Billy Roisz

Lives and works in vienna.
Video- and soundexperiments in the context of performance, installation and cinema.

Specializes in feedback video and video / sound interaction - using monitors, cameras, video mixingdesks, a selfbuilt videosynth, computer, e-bass and turntables for video and sound generating.
Her videoworks are distributed by sixpackfilm.

Member a.o. of SKYLLA (/w Silvia Faessler), NotTheSameColor (/w dieb13), AVVA (/w Toshimaru Nakamura), CILANTRO (/w Angelica Castello), subshrubs (/w Angelica Castello/Maja Osojnik/Katharina Klement and eh (/w dieb13/Burkhard Stangl).
She has also performed a.o. with Martin Siewert, Anat Stainberg, Sachiko M., Alvin Lucier, Martin Brandlmayr, Otomo Yoshihide, eRikm, Peter Kutin, Jan Machacek, Michaela Grill, Nic Collins and Metamkine.

Int. Film/Music Festivals - selection of screenings/installations and/or live performances: IFF Rotterdam 02/03/05/07/09/10/NL, EXIS Seoul 05/07/09/KR, SONAR 02/03/04/05/07/ES, Imageforum Tokyo 03/08/JP, Tampere Filmfestival 04/FI, Ann Arbor Filmfestival 04/USA, Feedback: Order from Noise UK 04/UK, UNYAZI 05/ZA, FBI Osaka 05/JP, SONIC ACTS XI/NL, DONAUFESTIVAL 06/09/10/AT, TAKTLOS 06/CH, Kill Your Timid Notion 07/UK, The Long Weekend/Tate Modern 07/UK, Relay Seoul 07/10/KR, LMC Festival 07/UK, Edinburgh Filmfestival 09/10/UK, What´s up.../Montreal/Winnipeg2010/CA, GREC2010, MACBA/ES, Belluard 2010/CH....

Videoworks - selection:

close your eyes [sound: dieb13//2009]
TILT [sound: Xentos'Fray'Bentos/S.Washington/K.Aufermann/B.Roisz//2009]
NOT STILL [sound: eRikm/dieb13//2008]
elesyn 15.625 [sound: dieb13/T.Nakamura/K.Aufermann/S.Washington/B.Roisz//2006]
AVVA:ragtag [AVVA//2006]
BYE BYE ONE [NotTheSameColor//2005]
broadway [NotTheSameColor//2004]
sources [s: Otomo Y./M.Siewert/M.Brandlmayr/Sachiko M./A.Krebs/A.Neumann/A.Dörner/rossi//2004]
-2.20 [sound: dieb13//2003]
my kingdom for a lullaby #2 [\w Michaela Grill/sound: M.Siewert/C. Kurzmann/T.Nakamura//2003]
i/o [dieb13/B.Stangl/B.Hauf//2003]
blinq [various soundartists//2002]

A/V Installations - selection:

noise reduction: off - 'couchette' (AVVA - /w Toshimaru Nakamura - Galerie dreizehnzwei/Vienna
iconophonic (/w Peter Kutin) - Galerie Stadtpark/Krems
sound characters - 'elesyn 15.625' - Kunstpavillon/Innsbruck
brRRMMMWHEee - extended version (/w dieb13) - Kunsthaus Graz
brRRMMMWHEee II (/w dieb13) - Konfrontationen 2010/Nickelsdorf
Am Rande der Balance - Paradoxien des Instabilen - 'Close Your Eyes' - Galerie5020/Salzburg

CD/DVD - selection:

Silvia Fässler & Billy Roisz - SKYLLA - CD, 2008, DeMEGO 001
AVVA (Toshimaru Nakamura & Billy Roisz) - gdansk queen - DVD, 2006, erstwhile 048
efzeg (Stangl/Hauf/Siewert/dieb13/Roisz) - krom - CD, 2006, hatOLOGY 623